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Skype for Business Server 2015 Call Quality Dashboard (CQD) Does not display data after initial deployment


After deploying the Call Quality Dashboard (CQD) from Microsoft on a new server, I ran into a problem where the CQD portal was not showing any data and returned a problem saying:

We couldn’t perform the query while running it on the Cube. Use the Query Editor to modify the query and fix any issues. Also make sure that the Cube is accessible.


In order to solve it, I had to process the CUBE object and make sure it’s accessible.

How to

1. Open SQL Management Studio and select Analysis Services:


2. Expand the QoECube object and choose the Cube of QoE Metric.
Right click and click Browse. if that returned empty browser on the right side, it means the cube hasn’t been proceed yet and we need to process it.


3. Right click the QoE Metric cube object and Select Process.


4. After the processing has done, right click on the object again and select Browse to see if the browser page show relative data:


5. Once you successfully able to browse, you should be able to access the CQD dashboard and see content:



  1. Torsten Egebirk

    did it for me too. thanks…

    1. Varun

      Hi Guys,

      We have deployed successfully CQD in our Skype On-Premises Environment.
      We have 3 DC in US, EMEA & APAC and 150 Branch sites. Also we have added subnet and site information in SKype Control Panel (Network Configuration).
      But when we run CQD through URL we can see only global reports not specific to site and subnet,
      I have found lots of article where everyone is talking about how to upload data in Skype Online but did not get for Skype On-Premises how to upload this site and network configuration in QOEdb.

      Please if someone know, paste the article or tell us the way how we can deploy this?


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