Lync 2010 does not redirect simple URL’s to Lync 2013

Recently I’ve encounter a problem in which Lync 2010 simple URL’s were not redirecting traffic towards the Lync 2013 FE pool.

The environment consist of the following:

  • Lync 2010 EE Pool
  • Lync 2010 Director Pool
  • Lync 2013 EE Pool
  • Internal Simple URL’s points to Lync 2010 Director
  • External Simple URL’s points to Lync 2010 Director via TMG
  • All Simple URL’s are behind HLB

Whenever a Lync 2013 user was scheduling a meeting, a user that was hitting the simple URL was getting the following error message:

Sorry, something went wrong, and we can’t get you into the meeting


A deeper look into the error message stated the following:

Machine: SERVERBrowserId:Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.3; WOW64; Trident/7.0; Touch; MALCJS; rv:11.0) like GeckoJoin attempted at:3/19/2014 2:18:07 PMError:Conference Lookup timed out

I’ve decided to trace the logging using the CSLogger tool by activating the flags for “Join Launcher”, I got the following error message:

TL_ERROR(TF_COMPONENT) [5]27E4.19AC::03/19/2014-21:06:31.860.d2480951 (JoinLauncher,Default_aspx.DoPostVerifyConferenceKeyProcessing:default.aspx.cs(2337))(00000000031A3466)Meeting not valid: could not verify Conference Key

The Fix


Apparently, there are two ways to fix the above:

  1. Change the simple URL’s to point to Lync 2013 server instead of Lync 2010. that seems to work perfectly both on the internal and the external networks.
    The only cons for that approach is that in case of co-existence mode, while the Lync 2013 is still considered to be a pilot pool, the change force it to act as a production pool by forwarding all existing communication to Lync 2013 first and redirect it to Lync 2010.
  2. The second option to solve that error message discovered to me after open a case with Microsoft, is by editing the Web.config files in Lync 2010 and adding the following key:

that key needs to be added to the following files on the Lync 2010 servers:

C:Program FilesMicrosoft Lync Server 2010Web ComponentsJoin LauncherIntweb.config

C:Program FilesMicrosoft Lync Server 2010Web ComponentsJoin LauncherExtweb.config

After applying the change and perform IISRESET, the Lync 2010 server were redirecting both internal and external meeting towards the Lync 2013 servers.

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  1. Mehmet Kocak

    Guys for awareness:

    The key entries above should NOT be needed in certain scenarios, natively the director should be able to re-direct to any pools web services (int or ext)

    What I found is the following:

    The Director (when simple urls DNS Records point to the Director pool) requires that it can communicate on TCP 444 If tis traffic is hindered from Director to FE (FE Pool listening on 444) then you will find the issue above and essentially bandaging an underlying network issue with the config options above..

    So before making changes to the Web.config files ensure the correct ports are open between relevant servers 😉

    Hope this helps anyone who reads (also if you do end up chucking these entries in THEY ARE CASE SENSATIVE and if not applied properly will break Join Launcher web services on the director role!!)

    Thank You

    Mehmet Kocak


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