Moving Users back to Lync on-premises from Lync Online

Recently I was trying to migrate a user from our Lync online environment back to our Lync on-premises environment, a task which I though would be pretty straight forward.

I’ve followed Microsoft publication with the following article which explains how to Move Users Back to On-premises with following commands lines:

Microsoft recommends the following as well:

The format of the URL specified for the HostedMigrationOverrideUrl parameter must be the URL to the pool where the Hosted Migration service is running, in the following format:

Https://<Pool FQDN>/HostedMigration/hostedmigrationService.svc.

You can determine the URL to the Hosted Migration Service by viewing the URL for the Lync Online Control Panel for your Office 365 tenant account.

Following that guidance, I went to my Lync Online Control panel to get the correct URL address and put it within the command line as mentioned above:


Move-CsUser –Identity –Target lync01.neway.lab–Credentials $cred



Unfortunately, that didn’t work as expected so I’ve decided to try it again, this time while putting the same URL as mentioned in Microsoft Guidance, which lead to the same result:

Move-CsUser –Identity –Target lync01.neway.lab –Credentials $cred



The Fix:

Since both options above didn’t do the trick for me, I’ve decided to play with the URL address and change the ‘a’ to ‘e’, thinking it might be related to “America” vs “Europe” where my tenant is hosted.

How lucky I was to find out it did the job and the user was migrated successfully to the on-premises environment:

Move-CsUser –Identity –Target lync01.neway.lab –Credentials $cred




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