Microsoft releases: “Managing Large and Structured Meetings with Lync 2013”


Microsoft released yesterday a new document named Managing Large and Structured Meetings with Lync 2013:

Describes how to configure your Lync Server 2013 environment to host large and structured meetings.

What does structured meeting means?

“A structured meeting is defined as a meeting where most Attendees view the meeting content either in conference rooms or via the Lync client without directly interacting with the meeting content. A structured meeting differs from a collaboration meeting because in a collaboration meeting most Attendees are able to use all of the Lync collaboration tools, including White Boards, Polls, Annotations, and private views of slides. In a structured meeting, the Attendees have a more passive role and may only interact with the meeting at defined Question and Answer times.”

  • Version: May2014
  • File Name: Microsoft_Lync_Server_2013_Large_Meeting_Support.doc
  • Date Published: 5/7/2014
  • File Size: 10.1 MB
  • Download: Here


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