Polycom Releases UC Software 5.2.0 for VVX and SoundStructure (September 30, 2014)



Polycom UC Software 5.2.0 supports the following Polycom endpoints:

  • VVX 300/310 business media phone
  • VVX 400/410 business media phone
  • VVX 500 business media phone
  • VVX 600 business media phone
  • VVX 1500 business media phone
  • SoundStructure VoIP Interface

Polycom UC Software 5.2.0 offers support for the following VVX accessories:

  • VVX Camera
  • VVX Expansion module

Note: Using Polycom phones with Lync Server

  • You can register only one line when Lync is set as the base profile on the phone.
  • Better Together over Ethernet is disabled by default on VVX business media phones with UC software 5.1.0 or later.
  • VQMon is currently unavailable for Lync deployments.
  • The phone’s web interface is disabled by default when the base profile is set to Lync with added support for HTTP and HTTPS.
  • Video calls are currently unavailable between Polycom phones and the Lync 2013 client.

New or Enhanced Features

  • VOIP-94647 Added support for signing into Lync using a web page.
  • VOIP-92769 Upgraded ICE stack for Lync.
  • VOIP-92727/92899 Added support for locking background images.
  • VOIP-92480 UI optimization on call input screen.
  • VOIP-92343/93014 Added support to addition control over subscription expiry timer.
  • VOIP-92279/90820 Added support for GENBAND Personal Address Book (PAB) and Global Address book (GAB).
  • VOIP-90822 Added support for GENBAND E911.
  • VOIP-90821 Added support for GENBAND MADN-SCA.
  • VOIP-89193 Reduced sip.ld file size by nearly 23%.
  • VOIP-78521 Added support for gatekeeper FQDN.
  • VOIP-62378 Added support for a server independent intercom.


  1. soder

    Now waiting for feedback from the field, which feature(s) became broken in exchange of the fixes Polycom delivered today (would be not the 1st nor the 2nd one in row to have such…)

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  5. Ashley

    Hi! I am working to see if it is possible to receive multiple Lync/Skype for Business phone numbers on one Polycom phone. We got a VVX 300 due to it being 6 line and Lync compatible, not realizing that the six lines does not apply to Lync mode. Do you know if there is any way to receive multiple Skype for Business phone numbers on one phone?

    1. Guy Bachar (Post author)

      Unfortunately i’m not familiar with that option. the closes you can get is probably by using Shared Line Appearance or by creating Call Pickup Group

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