AudioCodes announces the release of software Version 2.0.7 for the 400HD Lync-compatible IP Phone Series

Notice Subject:

AudioCodes announces the release of software Version 2.0.7 for the 400HD Lync-compatible IP Phone Series that includes Better Together over Ethernet (BToE), Boss Admin and additional enhancements.

Affected line of products:

  • 420HD IP Phone
  • 430HD IP Phone
  • 440HD IP Phone

With the release of software Version 2.0.7, AudioCodes 400HD Lync-compatible phones now support the following new features:

  • Better Together over Ethernet (BToE): This feature enhances the unified communication end-user experience with the ability to control the Lync phone from the PC Lync client (e.g., trigger a paired Lync phone sign-in, click-to-call, start/end calls, join and manage a Lync conference) by installing an application on the end-user’s PC. this feature is supported on Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 operating system.
    • Allows video calls. When there’s an incoming video call, users can:
      • Answer from the phone; the call will fall back to audio.
      • Answer from the PC client and have full audio and video using the PC audio device.
    • BToE TCP port can be configured to communicate between the BToE PC application and the phone
  • Boss Admin Support: In conjunction with the Lync Call Delegation feature, 430HD and 440HD IP Phones now support Boss Admin call scenarios, streamlining office workflow and enhancing

    • Allows users to establish a relationship between a boss’s phone and an administrative secretary’s phone.
    • Streamlines office workflow and enhances efficiency.
    • Each phone can support up to five bosses or admins. One boss can have up to five admins. One admin can have up to five bosses. A many-to-many configuration is also supported.
    • Applies to AudioCodes’ 430HD and 44HD IP phone models.
    • Delegation must be allowed for the user in the environment, else configuration will not work. All users must be allowed to configure all users as delegatesIP Phone Management Server (accessed via EMS): This feature is supported for mass deployment management and provisioning.
  • Automatic mass provisioning and management using the AudioCodes Element Management System (EMS)
    • Automatic mass provisioning of IP phones using the DHCP provisioning method can now be performed from the AudioCodes EMS Provisioning Server in the IP Phones Management Server, accessible from the EMS.
  • New Acoustic Echo Canceller for significantly improved IP telephony voice quality.
  • Login to the Web interface is now performed pulling the ‘User Name’ and ‘Password’ parameter values configured in the configuration file
  • New ways of dialing. Users can now:
    • Press the speaker or headset button, or pick up the handset, and when the dial tone is heard, start dialing; touch tones are played. Users can then press either the # (digit) key or the Dial softkey to ‘send’ the number, or wait a few seconds for the number to automatically be sent.
    • On the phone’s dial pad, press the digit keys of the called party’s number (there are no touch tones) and then press the Dial softkey to trigger the call. This is the equivalent of the SEND key on mobile devices.

For more information regarding software Version 2.0.7 and detailed documentation (Release Notes, Administrator and User Guides), refer to