How to pull Exchange Online Unified Messaging Reports

One of the options exists within Exchange Online is the ability to pull out unified messaging reports and statistics on Voice Mails, Auto Attendant and other usages of Unified Messaging.

The information provided by the Exchange Online can be very useful for trending analysis, user adoption, usage and troubleshooting quality issues between the On-Premises networks and Exchange Online, especially as there is not a lot of information we can gather from the Exchange Online side which makes it very difficult to troubleshooting issues with failing or dropped UM calls.

Type of Reports:

Exchange Online provide two types of Unified Messaging Statistics reports:

  • Calls Statistics – This report provides statistical information about the calls forwarded to or placed by Mailbox servers for your organization.
  • User Calls Logs – This report provides call logs for a selected user for the last 90 days.

Pulling the information:

1. Log-in into the Office 365 Admin Portal using a Global Administrator Credentials.

2. Enter the Exchange Online Control Panel


3. Enter the Unified Messaging Section


4. Within the UM dial plans page, click the three dots icon image on the action tab in order to present the menu of the Unified Messaging Statistics:


Calls Statistics

The Calls Statistics report will present a list of amount of calls on a daily basis, including Amount of Calls, Types of calls (Voice Mail / Auto Attendant / Faxes etc.) as well as audio quality graph.


There are also two additional options to look into the Audio Quality Details and export the daily information into CSV which provide further details on the specific calls including Origin, destination, Menu selection etc.



User Call Log

The User Call Log report will allow you to list all the calls details per user and provide Voice Quality summary which contain network statistics:




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