iOS 9 and Lync Mobile 2013 Sign-In Issue


Today (9/16) Apple released iOS 9 for iPhone/iPad devices which introduce a list of new features and enhancements around security as well.


Following users feedback, a sign-in issue was discovered with iOS 9 and Lync 2013 Mobile clients which effect users that have different settings for their region and language one the iOS device, meaning that heir region settings is set to a different language then the iOS language.

For those who have different settings, the following error message would appear:


  • Another issue that I discovered (thanks to CB from the comments) is that entering a meeting invite from the Calendar app on the iOS device won’t launch the Lync client anymore.
    Update: Microsoft released an update for Lync Server in order to solve the problem


The current workaround for now is to change the iOS language to the match the region settings (or vice-versa) until Microsoft will address the issues with upcoming update or with the next SfB Mobile client version.

Additional Information:

  • Microsoft also released a KB article describing the problem
  • A great blog describing the root cause analysis you can find here
  • Another great blog post from Mika (TechMikal) describing the same symptoms as well on his blog


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  2. I.Ural

    Solved the problem, thank you !

  3. LuisR
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  6. Trond Egil Gjelsvik-Bakke

    Reblogged this on UC Consultant Blog….

  7. CB

    Nobody experiencing issue with meeting Requests? After upgrading to iOS 9 clicking on the meeting url just opens the Lync meet page but it doesnt trigger Lync client

    1. Guy Bachar (Post author)

      That’s seem to be true as well for me, i’ll check that with other devices as well to make sure.

      1. Tom Huseby

        I’m seeing the same problem. I used to be able to cut and paste the meeting URL in chrome in the public betas and it would work but no dice final version.

  8. Dean

    Same problem, not able to join a Lync meeting with the calendar notice or the join meeting URL. The language and region is correct.

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  12. LuisR

    I just updated another iPhone to iOS9 to confirm behaviour and… this one doesn’t have any issues with language settings (did apple made any change meanwhile)?

    1. Guy Bachar (Post author)

      Not that I’m aware of, you can take a look at the KB: to make sure you have the exact same behavior, but it seems it will be​ fixed only in the next version.

      1. Dean Garrison

        Agreed, language and region is not the cause. Any word on the new Lync/Skype update?

        On Sunday, September 20, 2015, Just a Lync Guy wrote:

        > Guy Bachar commented: “Not that I’m aware of, you can take a look at the > KB: to make sure you have > the exact same behavior, but it seems it will be​ fixed only in the next > version.”

        1. Guy Bachar (Post author)

          based on my understanding, by the end of this year the iOS/Android Skype for Business client should be released

  13. LuisR

    Found the root cause and a more permanent solution.
    Please read again my (updated) post:

  14. Gabriel

    Thank you so much 🙂 problem solved

  15. Dean

    Still doesn’t solve the joining meeting issues.

    1. Tom Huseby

      Correct that problem has NOT been resolved ;( You have to use another browser such as Opera as both Safari and Chrome will block the request to load Lync. Not sure whether this is a Lync landing page issue because Safari and Chrome will both run other applications just fine. I’m very surprised that more people aren’t complaining.

      1. Guy Bachar (Post author)

        Apparently Microsoft just released an update to solve that problem:

        1. LuisR

          Confirmed. With this Sept2015 CU13 (not the Sept 2015 SU) the Safari can launch the Lync client

  16. Dean

    Tom, so Opera allows it work on the mobile devices?

    1. Tom Huseby

      Yes you have to cut and paste the URL but it works fine..

      1. Anthony

        No it doesn’t.

  17. s c

    Any advice on why skype for iOS keeps closing the messages and changing status after 5 minutes? It’s nearly unusable.

    1. Guy Bachar (Post author)

      Is it possible that conversation history is turned off for mobile devices?

      1. s c

        It’s not in the options but I’m seeing a notification sometimes and then after clicking there’s nothing. I think it’s because the sender may have closed the window on their browser.

        1. Guy Bachar (Post author)

          I’ve seen a similar behavior when the Client Policy is disabled for Saving IM Conversation (on iOS it has to be saved locally on the device), and also when some of the ports 5223 are blocked outside.
          is it the same behavior on Internal and External networks? (Wifi vs. 4G)

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