Script: Skype for Business Certificates report update

It’s been a while since the last update of the script, but after getting a few requests and some recommended adjustments, we’ve decided to release a new version of the script that contains the following:

  • An option to read the Administrator EDGE Server password from a file, instead of entering it through a prompt window.
  • Fixing HTML alignments with missing HTML tags which causes in some reports to align table incorrectly

In order to use the new EDGE password from file option, you need to use the following new parameter: ReadEDGECredsFromFile.
This parameter have to be called in addition to the EdgeCertificates parameter in order for the script to automatically determine if that’s the first time the parameter is called and if it is, there will be a prompt for entering the Administrator password in order to generate an encrypted text file which contain the password which later on can be used for future running or scheduled tasks.

A few examples:

  • Retrieving EDGE Certificates information and read the EDGE administrator password from Encrypted file

.\SfBCertReport-v0.50.ps1 -EdgeCertificates -ReadEDGECredsFromFile

  • Retrieving environment certificates information

.\SfBCertReport-v0.50.ps1 -FEPool <Name of the FE Pool> -EdgeCertificates -ReadEDGECredsFromFile -OWASCertificates -PSTNGatewayCertificates

The latest version is 0.50 and the script can be downloaded from here: TechNet Gallery

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