Microsoft releases Skype for Business on Mac version 16.12.75


New Features:

  • Easily change devices when in a meeting or call
  • Easily switch to a connected audio device
  • Choose meeting audio options by pressing Join from Calendar tab
  • Maximized screen sharing
  • Stop screen sharing when you hang up
  • Invite users to a meeting through email


  • Fixed an issue where the “This call is on hold” message continued to be displayed after switching audio from the computer to a phone.
  • Added a check to prevent users from trying to send IMs when they are not signed in.
  • Fixed an issue that caused phone numbers to be formatted incorrectly when shown in Outlook calendar items.
  • Fixed an issue where a network connection error remains displayed after the network connection is restored.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented redialing calls from the Calls tab.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented display of the current speaker video when someone was sharing a screen in a meeting.
  • Removed the requirement that a user be enabled for Enterprise Voice in order to choose Don’t join audio in the Join Meeting Audio dialog box.
  • Add ability for an administrator to customize the sign-in UI to show the User Name field in the sign-in dialog box as well as in Advanced Options.  To enable this setting, go to Terminal and run “defaults write userNameInAdvancedOnly false”.  Then restart the client, enter sign-in address and click continue.  User will now see the user name.