Script: Compare Lync Users Assigned Policies

Update – 18-May-2014: Released Version 0.5 – Fixed Display Names for all policies, Added Admin Privileges verification, Bugs fix, Added more description to functions

Update – 10-May-2014: Released Version 0.4 – Now with Export to HTML functionality which color the attributes which are different between two users.

With the help of @y0avb and some guidance from a PowerShell MVP colleague, we wrote a script that will compare two Lync users to find the differences in settings between the users based on their assigned policies.

This script should enable Lync Admins to save time in troubleshooting scenarios where user A is capable of certain functionalities that user B is not capable of, and in order to verify the reason for it we are required to compare policies and differences, this is usually done manually, using the Lync Control Panel which is less convenient and more time demanding.

Currently the script compares the following policies:

  • Client Policy
  • Conference Policy
  • Hosted Voice Mail Policy
  • Mobility Policy
  • Dial Plan
  • Voice Policy

This script will outputs the following:

The script can be download Here.

Please share you suggestions and feedback for the script.