Script: Lync Replication Report

Based on a similar script Yoav Barziliay and I made for monitoring the Lync Services status, we decided to create a new script which allow the Lync Administrator to monitor the Lync Management Replication Status.

The script is based upon the result of the Get-CsManagementStoreReplicationStatus and it can be viewed in 5 different ways:

  1. Via an Email
  2. Export to Grid View
  3. Export to CSV
  4. Export to HTML
  5. Export to Screen

The script can also be used as a scheduled task and it accepting the following parameters for sending an email:

Download: Here

Export Options:

Export Examples:



– This option will also color the FALSE status replication members in RED



We’d love to hear comments and suggestions if you have any


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  3. Srini

    I would like to schedule the script in the task scheduler. Is there any modification needs to be done on the script to schedule?



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