Failed to publish voice routing configuration

In a Lync 2013 environment which was recently upgraded from Lync 2010 & OCS 2007 R2, the following error messages were prompting every time a Lync Administrator was trying to modify the Lync Voice Routing configurations using the Lync Control Panel.

Failed to publish voice routing configuration


Set-CsRoutingConfiguration : A service with identifier “BackCompatSite-MediationServer-2” does not exists


The reason for those errors was that during the decommission process of the old Lync 2010 & OCS 2007 R2 servers, those servers weren’t uninstalled as guided and those servers were removed from the Active Directory in a manual process by using ADSI Edit, meaning there were still some Voice configuration setting assigned to those legacy servers.

In order to remove the remaining legacy servers links, Export the Voice Configurations to a ZIP file using the Lync Control Panel or using the Export-CsConfiguration cmdlet and open the XML file within which contain all the voice configuration settings.

Within the XML file, search for the servers appears on the error message, for instance “BackCompatSite”, that will help to determine the associated policy which contain the legacy servers.

Once all servers will be removed using the Lync Control Panel or by using PowerShell script, the error messages will disappear.


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