Polycom releases UC Software 5.1.1 Revision B for VVX and SoundStructure series phones

Update: Please review Greig Sheridan post on the accidental release of an earlier version of the Lync CAB file.


Polycom releases UC Software 5.1.1 Revision B for VVX and SoundStructure series phones.

Polycom UC Software 5.1.1 offers support for the following endpoint platforms:

  • VVX® 300/310 business media phone
  • VVX® 400/410 business media phone
  • VVX® 500 business media phone
  • VVX® 600 business media phone
  • VVX® 1500 business media phone
  • Polycom® SoundStructure®

This release also provides support for the following VVX accessories:

  • Polycom VVX® camera
  • Polycom VVX® Expansion Module

New Features Introduce in UC Software 5.1.1 REV B (part of the Configuration File Enhancements):

  • Smart Paging allows to automatically distribute all Lines, BLF’s and Speed Dials utiling the Expansion modules. The feature needs to be enabled via up.em.smartpaging.enabled=”1″ and the flexible line key configuration has priority over this feature.
  • Remote Packet Capture for Logs enables to collect wireshark traces from the phone in a remote manner.
  • BToE (Lync™) is now disable as a standard and requires manual activation.
  • The Web Interface is now disabled if in Lync™ profile mode.
  • Do not disturb / DND and/or call forward can now be deactivated via a configuration parameter.

Resolved Issues in UC Software 5.1.1 REV B:

  • In Lync 2013 environment, phone now releases the bandwidth after the call hang up when using CAC (applies to VVX 300/SoundStructure).

New Features Introduce in UC Software 5.1.1:

  • Added support to connect to the phone’s web user interface by choosing either HTTP or
    HTTPS protocol. And the phone’s web interface is disabled by default when the base profile is set
    to Lync.
  • Added support for the single line registration and disabled all the other lines when the
    phone is set to Lync as a base profile.
  • Added support to forward the delegated call to the Boss voice mail.
  • Added support for the full support of Lync contact card.

Resolved Issues in UC Software 5.1.1:

  • The phone’s Web interface is now displayed in compatibility mode when the user tries to view it in Internet Explorer.
  • In a Lync environment, the phone now updates the configuration changes without any issues when the user tries to change the existing configuration on the phone after signing in.
  • In a Lync 2013 environment, the phone now displays without any issue the orbit number for Call Park when the range is set to one digit (1 to 9).
  • In a Lync 2013 customer environment, the phone’s stability has been improved in heavy network load situations when the phone receives a large number of broadcast messages.
  • The phone now plays remote ringback tones when Lync “media bypass” is enabled.
  • The phone now records the call history without any issue after using it for longer periods
  • In a BLF scenario, the phone now displays all the statically or dynamically configured BLF lines (~50) when the expansion module is connected to it and no longer causes any issue
  • The soft keys on the phone now respond properly without any issue during heavy network load scenarios
  • In heavy network load, the phone now receives calls without any issues when a new user signs in via PIN authentication
  • BToE application backward compatibility is now available
  • In a Lync federation call scenario, receiving incoming calls from the PSTN number no longer causes any issues
  • Trying to call a Lync client which has sim ring configured to an external number now gets audio on both ends without any issue
  • The phone now accepts the re-formatted ACK packets as per RFC 2543.
  • When the phone is in the locked state, the Call List soft key is nolonger displayed on the phone screen after a reboot.
  • The phone now sends the ACK to the SDP (Session Description Protocol) media change and is able to place the call successfully.
  • The phone now sends a query to the alternate DNS server when the primary server rejects the initial query.


NOTE: BToE 2.3.0 can download here




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  4. Thomas

    Have you have anyone report that Lync 2013 conference calls do not work with UCS 5.1.1 using BToE (2.1 and 2.3)? Error message is

    “An error occurred. When contacting your support team, reference error ID 603 (source ID 239).”

    1. Guy Bachar (Post author)

      Hi Thomas, i havn’t seen that error yet on VVX series yet.

      but from reading the Release notes for BToE 2.3:
      VOIP-89004 In a BToE mode, establishing a local conference is not available when the phone is paired with your computer.
      Workaround: You can make conference calls from the Lync client, or you can disable BToE on your phone by pressing the BToE soft key and selecting Disable before making a conference call on your phone.

      Is that the problem you are facing?

      1. Thomas

        I’m not able to make a conference call from the Lync client with BToE. Disabling BToE and making a conference call from the VVX works. Lync conference calls from the client worked with UCS 5.0.2. Thanks.

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